Prodiscus is the very first Finnish golf disc manufacturer! 

The company started in 2006, with Prodiscus first importing disc golf products and retailing them around Finland and on at the online store

Early 2010 Prodiscus started manufacturing the first Finnish disc golf discs and in 2011 the renowned Prodiscus Pro Bag. At the same time the Prodiscus Team was created and Prodiscus started to host and sponsor disc golf events all around Finland and Europe. Now days Prodiscus is known brand all over the world.

Today Prodiscus mainly focuses on product development from a full set of discs to professional level bags and baskets.

And of course supporting the growth of the sport on all levels.

Prodiscus manufacture discs also to another disc golf brands.

We believe in providing high quality products to professionals and amateurs alike - straight from Finland.

Prodiscus is a growing brand. Our idea is to create premium quality products and spread the message to all players in Finland, Europe and across the pond. Team Prodiscus is a team of players from several countries representing this idea and the sport in events of all levels.

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