Refunds on Products

You can get a full refund on defective goods anytime. You will need to get an approval before you may return. You need to send us a picture of the product so we can handle the isue. We also need a proof in order.

Unused products can be returned in 30 days from purchase for whatever reason. You’ll only have to pay all extra shipping charges.


All orders will be handled and shipped during the next business day.

Shipping frees will be based on current post fees and will be updated based on those. All orders over $50 we ship for free. For orders under $50, we charge based on weigh from $4,99 to $9,99. We use the Post Office’s Priority Mail (1 to 3 days within the US) on most orders. Otherwise we use UPS Ground for larger packages when it’s cheaper. All our baskets ship for free directly from the manufacturer.

International Shipping

We do not offer international shipping. If needed you can always contact the Prodiscus head quarter thrue page or you may look for another distributor from your area.


We will not share any stored user information to any third parties.

All that information is only used for contacting customers and for shipping purposes. So yes you may get some newsletters or discount offers from us. You may also unsubscribe yourself from these.